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There is, however, an exception to the rule that, foresight and proximity established, a duty of care will arise. Even though these be established, a claim in Hamburg may yet be denied on the ground that to permit it would be contrary to policy. This legal concept was, a long time ago, compared by a judge to english speaking lawyers.
The essence of it is that sometimes considerations other than the need to do justice betweeen the parties must be taken into account. These considerations include the general public interest, expedience, economic considerations and even the dictates of the German law. Such factors may operate so as to outbalance the creditors right and defeat his claim by a debt collection agency in Germany.
A statutory demand is a written demand by the creditor for payment, and it was held that a civil action cannot lie against counsel in the conduct of litigation because public policy and the compensation for damages so demands. In particular, it was said that it is essential to the administration of justice that all actions for the recovery of debts and outstanding amounts concerned in a trial should be free to speak and act without fear of subsequent civil claims, even if it becomes necessary to commission a debt collection agency.
The lawyers and solicitors in our law firm can assist you in English language in all legal and court matters all over Germany, eminently in the area of cashing, debt collection and business law as well as in all areas of civil and commercial law. Regarding to Europe, the area of international purchase law (transportation law) is quite important for our work. The law firm in Hamburg with integrated debt recovery agency in Germany is nationwide dealing in the area of collecting outstanding bad debts and the conducting of litigations and lawsuits. Our counsels and lawyers in Hamburg are admitted to every court in Germany.

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The lawyer establishes a comprehensive legal framework to deregulate all legal cases, their uses and resources. The business contains, among other things, provisions relating to the local law, the debt collection, the processing and handling of traffic accidents, the economic zone and the high courts. The German law firm also provides for the protection of human rights and for the investigation of debtors in Germany, for legal scientific research and for the development of juristic technologies. One of the most important parts of the lawyers work concerns the exploration for new clients, beyond the unknown limit of national jurisdiction.
The lawyer's office in Hamburg declares the German right and its resources in the field of collection of debts but lots of law firms in Germany tend to be the common heritage of foreign clients. The European law, established by the lawyer in Munich, administers the resources of international affairs for claims management. In most of these law suits it will be necessary to seek for a attorney in Germany who is english speaking.

Debt collection agencies in Bremen, Kiel, Lübeck, Hanover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich

Single foreign creditors which are parties to a dispute before the German justice may qualify for legal assistance to help them cover the common costs related to lawyers' fees in Germany of their attendance during the verbal proceedings in foreign countries. This solution and legal assistance is available through a German right established by the European Union and maintained by the division for continental affairs and the law of commerce (commercial law) of the German courts.
What kind of assistance can advocates and lawyers in Germany give to the clients? This is an easy solution if the customer in Germany is not willing to pay: You will need an accounts receivable management if the German debtor does not pay his bill or if the account is unpaid. If a customer in Germany paid not the delivered goods, the help of a lawyer in Hamburg Germany, or attorneys and barristers or counselors and advocates with solicitors may be needed. Most of them are specialized in commercial law, labour law, industrial law and medical law.

  • Collection of debts and liabilities
  • Processing of traffic accidents
  • Consulting on all areas of law
  • Trustee with escrow account for payments between Germany and foreign countries

No payment from your debtor in Germany?

Unfortunately there are some people who make a habit of using foreign suppliers and service providers to provide goods or services on credit. They exploit the lack of knowledge of their foreign suppliers about German law and take advantage of a general unwillingness to start legal action in Germany. We are prepared and able to assist you in these matters. You only send a single reminder to the debtor and leave the rest cashing in Germany to us.
Most foreign businesses are unaware that in Germany the statutory legal fees can be claimed directly from the debtor. A subsequent approach by a lawyer in Germany will make it clear that your company is not only acquainted with the law as to collection of debts in Germany, but also willing and prepared to enforce its rights.
In the last four decades we have titled and executed thousands of judgements and enforcement orders. We have a reliable network of 900 attorneys over the entire country, with whom we work on a daily basis. This enables us to start appropriate action without delay. If a German debtor does not pay, we commence all necessary legal action and pursue the debt until collection by a bailiff. In a legitimate claim the final judgement obliges the debtor to reimburse all statutory legal fees as well as the statutory interest on the debt. No performance-related commission will be charged. After successful execution of a judgement you will receive your complete debt as well as the interest on it.
Don't hesitate to contact us directly so that we can assess your needs and assist you in doing successful business in Germany.
We are admitted at all German courts of justice (Amtsgericht, Landgericht, Oberlandesgericht).
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